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Are you planning to get certified as a Scrum Master, Scrum Developer or Product Owner? Our Practice Exam and Learning Center are here to help!

Practice Exam

The Certification Practice Exam includes 178 questions divided into 5 sections. It's specifically designed to help you study.

Scrum Videos

Over 16 hours of video content by world-class Scrum experts like Mike Cohn, Henrik Kniberg, Ilan Goldstein and others.

Scrum Books

A selection of free Scrum books and a list of recommended paid books, classics in the Scrum community.

Other Resources

Lots of links to helpful forums, blogs and tutorials that will help you get answers to the questions you might have.

The Learning Center will help you prepare for the following tests:

What our customers say:

  • Your questions are great for learning the exact wording of the Scrum guide.
    — Jo, Brazil
  • Keep up the excellent training exams.
    — Andre, The Netherlands
  • Overall I think the practice exams helped me pass the PSM exam on first try.
    — Ed, U.S.A
  • I passed the exam today, so thanks for the help!
    — Ian, Spain
  • Fair support, mean questions. All I need.
    — David, Denmark
  • Good exercise. I passed thx.
    — Ruud, The Netherlands
  • I am now regularly using the exam quizzes and finding them very useful in improving my scrum knowledge ahead of the certification exam. Thanks!
    — Elizabeth, U.K.
  • Very helpful to get ready for the Scrum Master exam. Thanks!
    — Joyce, U.S.A.
  • Great practice exams. Passed the CSM test.
    — Sherry, U.S.A.

Latest News

New Scrum Learning Center

We're happy to announce the launch of the new Scrum Star Learning Center, an extension to the Practice Exam that includes a lot of valuable resources for those who are preparing for a Scrum certification test. Read More...

The Updated Scrum Guide Now Available

In case you didn't notice, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland released an updated version of The Scrum Guide this month (July 2016.) It contains a new section named "Scrum Values." The five highlighted values are: commitment, courage, focus, openness and respect. Jeff Sutherland commented: "This update to The Scrum Guide officially recognizes the significance these values have to any Scrum team." Read More...

New Practice Exam option: check your answers

Following the feedback we received from our users, we've added a new feature to the Practice Exam: a Show answer button that appears under each question. The button will be displayed as soon as you select your answer. Clicking it will highlight the correct options and show you the explanation of the answer. Read More...

Introducing Scrum in Practice – a new exam section

We're happy to announce that we've added a new section to our practice exam: Scrum in Practice. This section steps beyond the theory of the Scrum Guide and covers some of the practical aspects of Scrum. Read More...

The Daily Scrum at Microsoft

Watch the Microsoft TFS Team do their Daily Scrum--filmed and explained by Adam Cogan. This video includes many interesting details concerning implementing Scrum in a practical environment. Read More...