New and improved Practice Exam questions!

Since the initial launch of the Practice Exam we have been actively gathering feedback from Scrum trainers and experienced practitioners to make sure the test provides good training value.

Last week we started going over the questions with a fine-tooth comb and incorporating everything we have learned from the input we received.

Today we're pleased to announce that the new and improved question set is ready!

Most questions were revised and corrected, some repetitive questions were removed and the answers were improved to make sure they're clearer and unambiguous.

Overall, the new question set is less stringent and confusing and it captures the essence of Scrum better.

Please let us know if you think any of the questions still need to be corrected or could be worded better. Your input will be appreciated!

Thank you for your interest in the Practice Exam, we hope it will help you in your study! Good luck!