Classroom Training Courses

Would you like to become a Professional Scrum Master? Get started by attending an intensive two-day training course! The course will teach you everything you need to know to get a running start in this exciting career and prepare you for taking the your certification test.

Nearest Course Dates

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There are no public courses scheduled within the next two months.

What We'll Cover

Starting with the basics and progressively moving towards advanced subjects, the course will cover all the essentials you will need to become a Scrum Master:

  • Preparation for the Scrum Master career,
  • Agile, Scrum and other solutions,
  • Concepts, pillars and values of Scrum,
  • Scrum components, events and artifacts,
  • Scrum implementation,
  • Scrum teams, self-organization and cross-functionality,
  • Product development planning and execution,
  • The role of the Scrum Master,
  • Coaching, facilitation and soft skills,
  • Technical concepts,
  • Certification test preparation,
  • ...and much more.


The participants do not need any previous experience with Scrum or product development. The training course provides the necessary foundation of knowledge. The only preparation required is a thorough study of the Scrum Guide.

Additional Resources

The participants will receive the following resources/materials:

  • 60 day access to the 'Scrum Advantage' video course and the certification practice exam,
  • One-time access to the Scrum Star Academy certification test,
  • A printed copy of the Scrum Guide,
  • A set of Planning Poker cards,
  • A certification of course completion from Scrum Star Academy.