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Are you preparing for a Scrum certification test? You've come to the right place! Our practice exam can help you prepare for any of the following tests:

Scrum Star Academy

SMXScrum Master Expert
SDXScrum Developer Expert
SPXProduct Owner Expert


PSM IProfessional Scrum Master
PSD IProfessional Scrum Developer
PSPO IProfessional Scrum Product Owner

Scrum Alliance®

CSM®Certified ScrumMaster®
CSD®Certified Scrum Developer®
CSPO®Certified Scrum Product Owner®

With 265 questions divided into 7 sections, the practice exam is a perfect study tool! You can verify your answers as you go, read the explanations from the Scrum Guide, and set a timer to emulate a real certification test!

What You Will Get

265 Test Questions

265 questions divided into 7 categories that cover both theoretical and practical subjects.

The questions are always in line with the latest version of the Scrum Guide.

Study Resources

A collection of resources from world-class Scrum experts, including a professionally recorded Scrum Master video course with 5 hours of quality content.

There are also free e-books, links to external videos, tutorials, blogs, and forums.

Timer and Stats

A customizable timer that will help you feel and prepare for the pressure of the real test!

Dashboard graphs that will point out the sections that need more attention.

30 Days to Study

Study at your own pace, take your time and make sure you remember everything.

30 days should be more than enough time to prepare for your exam.

What the Users Say

I passed the CSM certification after taking your course this morning and every question was just as you had it on your course so am very impressed indeed. (Ravi, U.S.A.)
Good exercise. I passed thx. (Ruud, The Netherlands)
The show answer button is great, I don't have to wait till I finish the test to see my wrong answers. (Mohmad, France)
Very helpful to get ready for the Scrum Master exam. Thanks! (Joyce, U.S.A.)
This practice exam is great because it forces you to be mindful of the precise wording of the questions that can trick you into drawing wrong conclusions. (Beatriz, U.S.A.)
Fair support, mean questions. All I need. (David, Denmark)
Great practice exams. Passed the CSM test. (Sherry, U.S.A.)
I'm happy to say that I've passed the PSM certification :) (Tuan, U.S.A.)
I passed my test today! Thanks for the practice test it was very helpful. I drilled it over and over and it paid off! (Oscar, Germany)
My experience with the test was very positive it helped me to learn many useful things. (Shiva, India)
My company decided to certify all their SM's and they bought us these packages. I'm not a beginner, but it was great to have the practice test to review some technical issues. I passed the exam :) (Mees, The Netherlands)
I get very stressed on tests so I put the timer on fastest and tried to get used to answering under pressure. It worked because on my real test I didn't stress very much and I passed! (Paulina, Poland)
I am now regularly using the exam quizzes and finding them very useful in improving my scrum knowledge. (Elizabeth, U.K.)
I like the quotations that show when I'm not sure about the answer. To me they make big difference because I like to dig deeper and then those answers stay in my mind. (Karolina, Poland)
I found the exam questions to be a faithful record of the Scrum guide (...) I passed the exam today, so thanks for the help! (Ian, Spain)
Overall I think the practice exams helped me pass the PSM exam on first try. (Ed, U.S.A)
Some practice questions are tricky, I'm glad there are good explanations otherwise I'd swear they're wrong :) (Andrea, Italy)
Thank you, passed the PSM I exam! (Nick, U.S.A.)
Keep up the excellent training exams! (Andre, The Netherlands)

Real-Time Statistics

The exam was taken by students from: 140 countries
The latest student was from: United States Flag
The average score: 80%

More Information

How are the questions divided?

The 265 exam questions are divided into the following 7 sections:

Section Questions Coverage
1. Scrum Theory 34 The Scrum Guide
2. Scrum Team 32
3. Scrum Events 57
4. Scrum Artifacts 40
5. Scrum in Practice 29 Practical subjects
6. Scrum Developers 33 Technical concepts
7. Product Owners 40 Product Ownership
Are the practice exam questions up to date?

Yes! We make sure the questions are regularly updated. The latest update was on 23 Feb 2021. The Practice Exam is in line with the most recent Scrum Guide (Nov 2020.)

Get well-rounded training

The practice exam is a terrific tool to prepare for a certification test, but to become a professional Scrum Master, you should get a well-rounded training that will teach you how to implement Scrum in the context of the organization.

Looking for a certification?

There's no need to complicate things. You can get a complete training package with a valid certification right here.

What if I fail an external certification test?

If you purchase the practice exam to prepare for an external certification test (for example, PSM I or CSM) and fail your attempt, we'll re-enable your access for 30 days for free. This will give you a chance to study some more before your next attempt. (Most of our users pass their tests and this has happened only one time so far.)

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Professionals from these organizations used our training resources to prepare for their certification tests:

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  • EPAM Systems
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  • Lemvigh-Müller
  • NTT Data
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  • Groupe SII
  • State Revenue Office Victoria
  • Tata Steel
  • The World Bank
  • University of North Texas
  • Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen

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