Scrum Master Expert™

The SMX™ certification proves your knowledge of the Scrum framework and the responsibilities of the Scrum Master in service to the Development Team, the Product Owner, and the Organization.

Classroom training is not required to take the certification test. You will do all the studying on line using the provided materials. It's an all-in-one package that will elevate your Scrum knowledge to an intermediate level and prepare you for the test.

Certification Test Details

Certification: Scrum Master Expert™
Number of questions: 80
Time limit: 60 minutes (45 seconds per question)
Passing score: 85% (12 incorrect answers allowed)
Level: Intermediate
Question format: Single and multiple choice
Test topics: Scrum Theory, Team, Events, Artifacts, and Scrum in Practice
Language: English
Certificate validity: Lifetime

How to Prepare

We know that finding the right materials to prepare for a certification test can be stressful and challenging. But it shouldn't be. It's your knowledge that should be tested, not your research skills.

This is why we put together a complete package of study materials that include everything you will need to get ready for your test. If you take the time to study and apply yourself, you should have no problem getting a passing grade.

Read the Scrum Guide

Read the latest version of the Scrum Guide, or listen to the audio book. Studying the Scrum Guide is the first step to understanding Scrum.

Use the practice exam

Train using the 265 questions included in the practice exam until you consistently score 100% in all the relevant sections. Set the timer to simulate the real test and monitor your progress statistics. Learn More.

Use the additional resources
Browse and learn from our collection of free resources by world-class Scrum experts. There is a 5 hour-long Scrum Master video course, free books, hours of additional video content, links to high quality tutorials, blogs, and forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any practical experience as a Scrum Master to take the test?
Although it would be helpful, it's not necessary. Online tests verify your theoretical knowledge, so if you study the included resources, you should be able to pass the test. The practical work experience can come later.
What subjects does the certification test cover?
The subjects of the certification test follow the sections from the practice exam. The test questions are sampled from the following topics: Scrum Theory, Scrum Team, Scrum Events, Scrum Artifacts, and Scrum in Practice. The SMX™ certification test does not include any questions from the Scrum Developers or Scrum Product Owners sections.
How many times can I take the certification test?
You will be able to take the test one time. If you prepare properly, one time will be all you need. If you fail, you will need to purchase the test again.
Do I have to take the test in English?
Yes, the test is available only in English.
How many questions are there and what's the passing score?
There are 80 questions in the test. The passing score is 85%, which means that you can answer 12 questions incorrectly and still pass.
How much time will I have to complete the test?
The test time limit is 60 minutes. For a test with 80 question, this gives you 45 seconds per question. You can of course finish the test earlier, as soon as you answer all the questions.
Does access to the certification test expire?
No, the certification test doesn't expire. You will have one attempt at taking the test and until you use it, it will be there waiting for you. However, the practice exam that accompanies the test will expire 60 days after the purchase. So after 60 days you will be able to take the certification test, but you won't be able to use the practice exam.
Does the certification need to be regularly renewed?
No, the certification is for life and doesn't require renewal.
Do I need to complete any training before I take the test?
There are no formal prerequisites for taking the certification test. If you're sure of your knowledge, you can take the test right away, but we do suggest that you try the practice exam, because it might clarify some tricky questions you might find on the test
How should I prepare for the test?
To prepare for the test you should study the Scrum Guide and the additional resources included in your account and then keep taking the practice exam until you consistently score 100%.
Is the test difficult?
The test might appear difficult if you don't prepare properly. For a certification to be respectable, it needs to demonstrate that its holder is a properly trained professional who passed a challenging test. This is why we do not compromise on the quality of the test. However, if you score 100% on the relevant practice exam sections, you shouldn't have any difficulties. The certification test questions are not harder than the practice exam questions.
What type of questions will appear on the test?
The certification test questions will be in the same format as the practice exam questions: single and multiple choice.
When I will I get the test results?
You will see the results on your screen right after you finish the test.
Will I be able to see the questions I got wrong?
No. The test result will include your overall percentage score and a breakdown of your score by sections. It will not list the questions you got wrong. This is a standard in the testing industry: it ensures fairness to the students and protects the integrity of the test.
Can I print out my certification?
Yes. As soon as you pass your test, the system will create two PDF files of your certification: one in A4 and one in Letter size. You will be able to download and print them on a color printer if you wish. You will have unrestricted access to those downloads; you will be able to download them at any time.
Can I put the certification logo on my website?
Yes. Once you pass the test, you will gain the right to use the certification's logo on your website, your CV, your professional network profiles, etc.

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