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Staying Positive Through the Negative of Covid-19
Time to focus on our personal goals can be hard to come by. But now more than ever, we're being given the opportunity to focus on things OTHER than what our usual busy life entails.
Scrum Master Salaries in 2019
People often ask: What salary can I expect as a Scrum Master? Although the answer to this question depends on many different factors, we can try to roughly estimate it based on the available statistical data.
Introducing the Dark Theme
We're happy to announce that we created a brand new dark theme for our customer area! You can now relax your eyes when studying for your certification exam in the evenings.
The Scrum Master Career Path
So you are a Scrum Master. But will you remain a Scrum Master forever? What path of advancement can you expect? Let's analyze the most common options.
Scrum: Yes, It's a Business
According to the latest statistics, Scrum accounts for a lion's share of Agile implementations around the world. But did you ever wonder why? Is it really that much better than the other methodologies?
What's More Popular Than Scrum?
Although many different Agile methodologies exist, very few of them are in use today. Let's take a look at the latest industry trends and see what the most popular options are.
Problem Solving – The Basics
It’s human nature to experience conflict. Human beings are inherently different from one another and when we work together on a daily basis, breakdowns in communication are a virtual certainty.
5 Tips To Listen More Effectively
It’s too easy to let your mind focus solely on planning what you’re going to say and where you're going to fit it into the meeting that you don't spend time listening to what others are saying.
New Scrum Guide: November 2017
As you may have heard, a new version of the Scrum Guide has just been released. We've updated the Practice Exam questions to be in line with the revised Guide.
New Practice Exam Timer
We're pleased to announce that we've upgraded the Practice Exam program and added a customizable timer. The timer provides an experience that's closer to the real certification test.
Context Switching: A Time Waster
If I had to choose one of the greatest time wasters for software developers, context/task switching would be up at the top of the list. One of the foundations for effectiveness as a developer is intensely focused concentration to which interruptions can be devastating.
What Defines Quality?
We use Scrum to build high-quality products, but what defines quality? When you begin a sprint you have a goal to have certain functionality ready for use by a set time. You measure the quality of that functionality by testing it for use. How well does it work? Does it fulfil the standards you set out for it to reach?
New and Improved Scrum Practice Exam
We're happy to announce the launch of the new and improved backend for the Practice Exam. The interface is much cleaner, the questions load faster, the navigation has no lag and a completely new feature is introduced: the progress statistics!
New Practice Exam Questions
Today we added a new Scrum Developer section to the Practice Exam. It includes questions related to software development, and covers topics like technical debt, code testing, architecture design, and a lot more!
New Scrum Learning Center
We're happy to announce the launch of the new Scrum Star Learning Center, an extension to the Practice Exam that includes a lot of valuable resources for those who are preparing for a Scrum certification test.
The Updated Scrum Guide Now Available
In case you didn't notice, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland released an updated version of The Scrum Guide this month (July 2016.) It contains a new section named "Scrum Values."
New Practice Exam option: check your answers
Following the feedback we received from our users, we've added a new feature to the Practice Exam: a Show answer button that appears under each question. The button will be displayed as soon as you select your answer. Clicking it will highlight the correct options and show you the explanation of the answer.
Introducing Scrum in Practice – a new exam section
We're happy to announce that we've added a new section to our practice exam: Scrum in Practice. This section steps beyond the theory of the Scrum Guide and covers some of the practical aspects of Scrum.
The Daily Scrum at Microsoft
Watch the Microsoft TFS Team do their Daily Scrum--filmed and explained by Adam Cogan. This video includes many interesting details concerning implementing Scrum in a practical environment.
Work environment for Scrum Teams
It's no secret that physical work environment has a lot to do with productivity. So what are the crucial rules to follow when setting up an office for a Scrum team? How do we make sure the developers perform at their optimum? Let's take a look.
Free Agile Software
If you ever used Scrum in a commercial setting, chances are you're familiar with paid software solutions like JIRA. But what if you work in a startup or participate in an open source project and you can't afford to pay the fees?
New and improved Practice Exam questions!
Since the initial launch of the Practice Exam we have been actively gathering feedback from Scrum trainers and experienced practitioners to make sure the test provides good training value.
Study Scrum One Topic at a Time
The Scrum Certification practice exam seems to be a popular tool. But answering all 160 questions can take more than two hours and the amount of new information to remember can be overwhelming to new students. To fix the problem and make it easier to study, we divided the practice exam questions into 4 sections.
Read the Manifesto, Comrade!
The Agile Manifesto is a cornerstone of agile software development methodologies. It's a short document created in 2001 by a group of software developers who met at a ski lodge in Utah. But what does it really mean? How can it be applied? Let's try to explain the four points of the Manifesto.
A 2x2 Matrix of Agile
A 2x2 matrix can serve as an effective method for exploring decisions about implementing agile and creating products in the agile environment. Read the latest article on Tyner Blain that explores converting invormation into insight as applied within a company practicing agile.
Scrum and Kanban with Jira
Watch a lecture by Armands Baranovskis at Agile Lietuva about using Kanban alongside Scrum to expose bottlenecks in development processes. The presentation also shows how these processes were implemented using standard possibilities of Atlassian Jira.
Scrum Basics
Scrum and other agile development frameworks fix the problems created by the traditional software development methods. Instead of planning the whole project at the beginning and going through the entire development process to get a working version of the software, Scrum divides the project into small pieces called Increments.